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A compelling urban fiction about a man who proved to be more than a finance broker.

February, 2020

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Future Projects



The Trustees'

"The Coal Confederation"

December, 2020

The Trustees' is a collection of short stories about the world in year 3651. Earth has been vacated by earthlings for over 1500 years after the Zynasty over through the planet for its number one element for life. Earthlings, now re-identified among several alien species, hope to regain their planet again and defeat the Zynasty.

Notebook and Pen

The Tree of Color

June, 2022

A young adolescent African-American girl is finding herself in her teenage years. Argumentatively, she ALWAYS has something to bicker with her single-mother and six siblings about. That is... shortly before being snatched on her way to school one day. Follow the compelling story of the girl who beat all odds in the world of sex-trafficking.

Desk with Book

Union Decree: Revelations

January, 2021

The conclusion of the Union Decree Trilogy has arrived. And just when you've thought the story was twisted enough, you'll find out how deep the leaders would go for Roseway. Someone has awakened to a world of lies about Roseway that they never knew. And, is this finally the end of Roseway?


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