The Broker is a thrilling fiction novel about a conspicuous bachelor by the name of Pharaoh Francis. Pharaoh is the second most important executive at his father’s brokerage firm. Having started as just a broker within the firm, Pharaoh has proved himself as not only being his father’s top performer, but the first African-American male in his jurisdiction to do so. Following behind his father’s legacy, Pharaoh is the second wealthiest black male in the Tampa Bay Area. His dream is to hold the title of Doctor in Finance while managing the largest minority owned brokerage firm in the States. 

Along with a successful reputation lies Pharaoh's notorious narcissistic reputation with women. As a single black brother, in his late twenties, he has no hopes in “settling down” or “jumping the broom.” Living his double life of reputational driven lies and false-advertisement, Pharaoh enjoys his kinky, spontaneous sex life. That was unless... he was to meet the perfect woman of prodigy. A woman who came with a sweet presence, yet implacable obligations, forcing Pharaoh into a mountain of questionable emotions while only to be haunted by his historical relationship ventures. Under the pressures of his family, he will need to sustain his current love life and close off his past to make it all work. 

In the midst of his love troubles, Pharaoh finds a member of his entourage may not have always been committed to the pack. He is faced with questionable trials that raise more than one eyebrow. Pharaoh’s egoistic attitude will either make or break him, as is forced to uncover buckets of lies told by his fraudulent friend. Will Pharaoh’s ego allow him to believe he befriended a trader? Pharaoh finds himself fighting for the two things he promised to keep his unconditional allegiance to: his father and the company he built. 

The Broker

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