Looking almost seventy years beyond, is the dominance of one man, Cayman Osborne. Ruler of the world called Roseway. He is the second black president and first ever dictator of America. Under regulated government control, are the main laws governing marriage and economic behavior. The sole purpose of the governing party, is to enforce all Americans to reach maximum intellectual capacity, based on evaluations of their strengths.
     Cayman was always taught that his people, African-Americans, deprived America of its’ full economic potential. His order is proof that a Black America is possible under the necessary supervision. His marital abiding decree is not only deranged, but strategically developed to shape a perfect economy of equality; so he thought. His anti-globalization structure is dependent on a mass production of science and engineering industries that make them the wealthiest among the twenty economic sectors.
     Elise Dudley, is fresh out of school. As with all others at her stage of teenage life, she must attend Union Camp. She is finding her place among all sectors to distinguish who she really is. Like many, her family, has found their lifestyle to be on the lower level of the financial chain; causing her to believe that being forced to marry is the least of her worries. Although, an ideal husband is desired to have, she knows, that under the laws of the decree, it is not her choice.

Union Decree

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